About Us:

Wollaton Medical Consultancy Ltd UK

Wollaton Medical Consultancy (WMC) UK was founded in 2012 (with 15 years of experience)

to develop cutting edge medical devices for clinical application; from concept formulation, prototype development,

commercial production, implemented QC system, CE mark & FDA regulatory

applications and marketing of the medical device. 

WMC UK is particularly specialised in the surface treatment of medical devices for long term

direct contact with human tissue, and the ideal 3D porous structure for bone tissue integration with medical devices.

Armed with this expertise and knowledge, WMC UK is able to design and co-operate with reputable

dental implant manufacturers to produce the Anker Implant System, specifically for the European market. 


Alliance GT

Alliance Global Technology is the manufacturer of the Anker Implant system.  It is a subsidiary company of

Anchor Fasteners Industrial Co., which is a precision engineering company, established over 30 years ago.

Their line of products includes various concrete anchors, rivet nuts, clinching fasteners, lock bolts, interlock rivets,

and custom made fixtures and fasteners for the construction, automotive, aerospace and electronics industries.

Please visit their web site at  www.alliance-gt.com and www.anchorfast.com.tw for more information.